Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Paper Terrorist arrested in Oxford

A couple, that considers themselves married under common law, is accused of attempting to extort $1.6 million from businesses in Oxford by filing false liens against property.
72 year old Everett Stout,  is charged with one count of attempted first-degree theft of property, one count of first-degree extortion and 13 counts of attempted first-degree extortion.
Stout has been arrested and is being held pending bonds totaling more than $500,000.
Police are still looking for Stout's significant other, 67-year-old Mariam Shultz. Oxford police believe she's near the Tennessee line.
Investigators say the pair targeted 13 different banks in their scheme.
Police refer to them as "paper terrorists" because they allegedly use false paperwork to extort money, as well as harass law enforcement and court officials.

Police Scam reported in Weaver

Weaver police say they have had reports of scammers posing as officers in order to steal your money.
According to police, the scammer will call the victim by phone and say they are with the "Financial Crimes Unit". This officer claims to be calling about a bad check, an old fine, child support payments or even a loan that was never paid.
The caller says the only way to stop officers from showing up at the door to arrest you and take you to jail is to pay $400 immediately.
Fortunately some Weaver residents called local police before pulling out their checkbooks. Officers tried calling the phone number that shows up on caller id, which is 1-844-795-3416. After some research they quickly realized this so called unit was up to no good.
According to a post on the Weaver Police Department's Facebook page, "THIS IS A SCAM". It says police will not call you demanding money.
While some police departments across the country have "financial crimes units", they don't call citizens and threaten to arrest them unless they send money.
If you get a similar call, from that number or any others, the best thing to do is to hang up.

Couple arrested in shooting of Gadsden man

Alejandro Luna Harris              Christine Renee Jones

A man and woman have been
arrested by Gadsden police in connection with the Aug. 20 shooting of a 20-year-old Gadsden man.
24 year old Alejandro Luna Harris,  and 24 year old Christine Renee Jones, both of Gadsden, are charged with attempted murder and first-degree robbery.
Both are in the Etowah County Detention Center. Harris is being held on $125,000 bond on each charge. Jones’ bond is set at $50,000 for each charge.
The couple were identified as suspects in the theft of a gun.
According to the theft report, the gun was in a vehicle and its owner was talking with the two suspects in the Fairview area.
The gun’s owner was shot while riding in a car with a man and a woman. He told police the car was stopped at McGuire Street when the man pulled out a gun and shot him. He got out and ran, and the man apparently pursued him and shot him several times.
The victim’s mother filed a police report about the theft of the gun she bought for her son, naming the two people now charged with attempted murder as suspects in the theft. She had checked early Aug. 21 to see if the gun was in her son’s vehicle, and it wasn’t.

State steps up efforts to collect past fines

If you've got a traffic ticket and never paid it, you are likely on a list in the district attorneys  restitution recovery unit..
In Calhoun county,  A 20-year list of delinquent payers fills several binders  Some blew off traffic tickets or parking fines while others never paid court-ordered restitution to crime victims; some owe the state for their court-appointed lawyers, which, in Alabama, don't come entirely free of charge.
Next month, court officials say, somewhere between 250 and 500 Calhoun County residents will be summoned to appear in court to pay or appeal their outstanding court fees. The court date, Oct. 2, is already set.
It's part of a state program, called the Restitution Recovery Initiative for Victims in Alabama, designed to help the state with its ongoing budget crunch.
Under the program, a handful of judges have been called out of retirement and are making the rounds of Alabama's judicial circuits. First, notices go out to people with outstanding court debt. If they don't pay the debt immediately, they'll have to appear before a judge and explain why.
The program has been going on for months in other circuits with little publicity, local officials say. And it's being done largely because the court system, and the state, needs money, local officials say.

Two killed in Cherokee County crash

Alabama state troopers report that A single-vehicle crash Thursday claimed two lives in Cherokee County.
Driver 24 year old Nikki Stancil, of Piedmont, and passenger 31 year old Michael Barnwell,  of Anniston, were killed when the vehicle they were in left the roadway and overturned.
Neither was wearing a seat belt.
The crash occurred at 8:35 p.m. on U.S. Highway 278, five miles east of Piedmont.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Suspect arrested in Gadsden stabbing death

William D'Angelo McKinney

A man accused of stabbing a 53 year old Gadsden man has surrendered to authorities.
30 year old William D'Angelo McKinney, of Birmingham, has been charged with the murder of a 53-year-old man and second degree assault of his 27-year-old ex-girlfriend.
Police say McKinney attacked his ex-girlfriend at her home on Winona Avenue in the Mill Village neighborhood around 8 p.m. on Tuesday, night.
The woman told police that McKinney used a key to get inside her home without her permission.
She said she told McKinney to leave, but he "pushed her down, wrapped his arms around her neck and chocked her until she blacked out..
The victim's mom was also at the home and told McKinney she had called police. He escaped before officers got to the scene.
Authorities say McKinney showed back up at his ex-girlfriend's house around 5:30 a.m. Wednesday morning..
He got there around the same time as 53-year-old Amos Jackson, who arrived to give McKinney's ex-girlfriend a ride to work.
Police say McKinney confronted Jackson and stabbed him several times in his torso. McKinney's ex-girlfriend called police, who responded but not in time to catch the suspect.
Officers found Jackson suffering from his stab wounds beside his vehicle. He was transported to Gadsden Regional Medical Hospital, where he died around 9 a.m.
McKinney was on the run until U.S. Marshals and Gadsden detectives found him in Birmingham on Wednesday night.
He surrendered to the Marshals and was brought back to Gadsden for questioning. Around 10 p.m., he was booked into the Etowah County Jail on murder and assault charges.
He is being held on no bond.