Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Talladega County Drug arrests

Weekend traffic stops in Talladega county have resulted of two felony arrests of Sylacauga men on drug charges in unrelated cases.  29 year old  Daniel Brent Baker, was arrested Friday after fleeing an attempted traffic stop by Sylacauga Police.  Baker eventually bailed out of his car and ran a short distance before being apprehended by police.  Baker had an active meth lab set up in the cupholder of his vehicle.  Baker was charged with manufacture of a controlled substance in the first degree. District Judge Jeb Fannin, set his bond at $100,000.  52 year old Robert Catchings,  was also arrested following a traffic stop, on Sunday.   Catchings had precursor chemicals in his vehicle, but did not have an active cook going.  He was charged with felony possession of drug paraphernalia, and had his bond set at $20,000.  Both men were out on bond for manufacture of a controlled substance when they were arrested, and authorities say they  plan  to ask for those previous bonds to be revoked.

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